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Xerox D125 Sheet to Sheet Registration

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  • Xerox D125 Sheet to Sheet Registration

    Can anyone tell me how good the sheet to sheet registration is on the D125? I'm looking for a machine to imprint onto forms with check boxes, so alignment can't bounce around too much. 50# and 60# 8.5x11 only.

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    My D series was typically good enough for form registration, but there are some plastic parts in the paper path that wear fast and mess with feeding and registration. My D125 was run into the ground at 7 million clicks last year when we upgraded, which as a bit underwhelming.

    Also...FujiXerox has a new B9125 using EA toner in Asia that looks to replace the old D125, but isn't out in North America yet. I'd recommend waiting for the B Series or asking for a big discount on a D series. The B series looks like it uses more robust feed and finishing accessories from the Versant and Irridesse presses.

    How many clicks are you planning monthly?


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      Another problem with the D series is that the paper jamming between the high capacity feeder and press leaves little shreds when you pull out the duplex assembly. We had to call a tech to remove the feeder to clear little paper bits about twice a month.


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        We put 11 million on a 4112 with little downtime. That's one reason the D125 is attractive to me. Virtually the same configuration. I'm aware of the jam clearing issue with the high cap tray. We have an opportunity to get a machine coming off lease from an in-house with 1.6 mil and in extremely nice shape. In 11 mil on the 4112 I never had to run a form with any precision, so didn't know about the registration on these boxes. Currently, clicks on this machine would only be about 80k.


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