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Tips or Tricks for printing digitally on textured stocks.

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  • Tips or Tricks for printing digitally on textured stocks.

    In our shop I run two KM c6100, typically when I am running a textured stock (felt,linen,stipple,etc.) I will turn my transfer settings up +30 and my heat +15 it gets a decent result. I was wondering if anyone else has come up with a better solution for getting the toner to fuse in the recesses of the paper?

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    I went to Ricoh. It was the only one that could run heavily textured stock perfectly.


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      Higher humidity is usually better for that but I would expect that is is not low this time of year.
      Warning I am a Ricoh tech.


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        We've had luck changing the paper settings to heavier stock, but we don't run anything with heavy textures.


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          If you didn't clear out the factory default paper catalog, there are already presets built in for it, however the naming is weird as are most things on Konica Minolta's because of the translation from Japanese to English. If you scroll through the paper catalog on the screen at the engine, you'll see something like "high-depth paper" or similar. I used to work for Konica Minolta and we had a C6085 in the demo room, I just can't remember the exact naming and which settings it changed in the process adjustment screen. Also, check with your PSC (Production Solutions Consultant who provided the training) or the service tech. I printed plenty of textured stocks during demos like linen, laid, and so on. I do remember that it wasn't always the best with really deep textures like columns.

          Also, be sure to ask for the "Substrate Throughput Assurance Guide" from your KM contact. This has a list of all media that has been tested and certified for the press along with recommended settings.


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            jwheeler We imported our catalogues from our previous machine, I will definitely reach out to our service tech to get some of those factory default catalogues. Thank you!


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