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IJETCOLOR NXT or Classic Model?

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  • IJETCOLOR NXT or Classic Model?

    Hello! I am looking at getting a IJetcolor for printing envelopes. Would like to know of anybody that has the classic and wish they had the NXT model?
    Or does anybody have the NXT and really only needed the Classic model? Trying to decide on which one to get. Thanks for any info!

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    If ALL you want to print is envelopes, the NXT may be more than you need. If you want additional capabilities, then the NXT may be worth it. With an adjustable head height up to 3/8 inch, you can print things like padded mailers, small boxes, bags, even presentation folders straight off the shelf from the office supply store. PLUS, you get better speed because it has better landscape feeding than the classic.


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      What price are you seeing on these printers Will? I need to move in this direction, when our press operator retires I want to replace the press, not him.


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        I would consider waiting on a purchase in this category. HP specialty products is partnering with Printware, Xante, and I'm sure more are around the corner, using their FI-1000 print head. The Xante will be much faster than memjet based printers, at over 10k an hour. Wider, too, I believe.


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          If you want eye popping color, see if Xante's new engine is an option. Their consumables will be higher. If you are satisfied with 'good enough' business color, then ijet would be an option. I'm not a fan of the company so would base my purchase on who can service it in my shop. I would also not consider the classic because the media feed guides are nearly unmovealble. Neopost, Colordyne, Formax all have the same thing. The NXT will allow you to move the media a couple inches either direction. Why is this important? Because when your head starts to fail, you may be able to get more life from it by running the media all the way to one side or the other. If your budget is $20k or less, those are your options.


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            I'm not a big fan of laser based envelope printers, but like the output better than memjet. I think the HP head will be a game changer. The Xante looks like it will handle thick material and will come in at half the price of the ijetcolor pro.


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              We are seeing a $22,000 price tag on a NXT printer setup. This price is for a refurb unit with a new printer warranty. Laser printers are very picky on what stock they like to print on. Drums and toner cartridges cost to much. Have to stock special envelopes just the the toner machine. I saw the print scatter some are talking about with the inkjet presses. I bet customers won't be using a glass to look at their envelopes. I did see some ink scatter, but only when I look trough a loop or glass. We will most likely go with a NXT.


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