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Conventions for counting clicks of DIN B4 paper size

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  • Conventions for counting clicks of DIN B4 paper size

    in our studio we are printing a lot of books in size DIN B5 (on our Canon imagePRESS 7000vp).
    Printer counter handles one page of B5 as one A4 click ("Small click").
    Now we have realized by coincidence that B4 page makes also one A4 click - so we can print two B5 pages with half price (and then cut it on trimmer).
    Its hard to believe that such a big sheet as B4 is not counted as A3 click (Large click).
    Canon engineers said that they dont know much about conventions for DIN B4 size and that we are first customer which is dealing with this paper size...
    Soon we will looking for a new production printer, so i'd like to ask, if someone can share their prices of a B4 click.
    I don't need exact price - only if your counter handles B4 as large or small click...

    Thank you very much for your replies!

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    Wirh Xerox is the same, B4 or smaller counts as a small click, bigger counts as a big click.

    In our contracts, all except Versants click charges are the same in every size, in Versants machines there are two click rates, one for B4 or smaller and one for bigger size.


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