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Xerox 1250 with Fiery X12 issue

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  • Xerox 1250 with Fiery X12 issue

    wonder if anyone can help me troubleshoot this problem?

    students at my college use Adobe CS2 and CS3 applications to produce hi-res PDF's which they print to the Xerox (via the Fiery X12 1.5 SP2). we have the current print driver, though I have had to comment out the CUPSFilter line in order to print from Acrobat 8 (which appears to be a known bug).

    when printing documents where a box containing a graphic is layered over other elements on a page, this containing box is often tinted pink. or, if the graphic contains a colour (say 100%K) and the background contains the same colour (100%K) using the same colour profile, then these two colours do not match. i.e. if I have a black box in photoshop at 100%K and I place that in an indesign document with a background of 100%K, the two blacks print differently, despite carrying the same colour profile.

    The problem is inconsistent and unpredictable, though seems to be confined to particular documents, which when failing once, will always fail. The artifacts are not visible onscreen in the PDF or when printing greyscale to the B&W xerox machine we also have.

    If anyone can give me some troubleshooting ideas I would be most appreciative.

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