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ANN: "Life of Print," a group blog dedicated to printing technology

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  • ANN: "Life of Print," a group blog dedicated to printing technology

    Finally, we are very excited and pleased to announce to you today the "Life of Print" blog.


    h1. About

    “Life of Print” blog features articles covering a variety of topics on the technology use in, not limited to:

    * Variable (VI) Data Printing VDP
    * Print on Demand (POD)
    * Web2Print
    * Direct Marketing
    * Cross Media Communication
    * Database Management for Print
    * Graphics Formats
    * Desktop Publishing
    * Color Management
    * Open Print-oriented Standards
    * Print Workflow
    * Print related Careers
    * Trans-Promotional Printing

    Thank you for reading.

    *-- Life of Print*
    h1. FAQ
    h3. For Readers:

    +What is the Life of Print blog?+

    See [About|]

    +Who contributes to the Life of Print blog?+

    [who|] *several others will blog under alias
    names to protect their identities and position on highly controversial issues*

    +Who pays the rent for Life of Print blog?+

    100% of costs are covered by participant’s private contributions.

    +I need to be a programmer to read the Life of Print blog?+

    No. Although some of the bloggers are certainly programmers. Others
    are high-technical business persons, graphic designers, and pre-press
    professionals. Everyone in the print industry should read this blog.

    +I am in the business of Print, why should I care about the technology?+

    Business sometimes drives technological innovation. Other times, the
    technology drives business. Nonetheless, it is important to discuss the
    technical aspects of print. Print has become increasingly technical and
    highly integrated with a plethora of communication technologies. A
    marketing person, business leader, or even the media may benefit from
    simply listening to conversation on this blog and adding comments where
    they find appropriate.

    +How do I know the information on Life of Print is correct?+

    You do not. Also, we provide no guarantee nor do we assume
    responsibility for any information printed on this blog. The opinions
    and ideas posted here are solely of those who are blogging.

    +What is the best way to subscribe to the Life of Print blog?+

    The best way to subscribe is to use the RSS feeds available for the
    site. Use an on or off line RSS feed reader and read this blog
    aggregated with you daily reading.

    +What is the license for all material published on Life of Print blog?+

    All posts are Public Domain provided credit is given to Life of
    Print blog that points to the blogs entries current url. Credit should
    be given to the authors handle, as well.

    +I found something offensive on Life of Print blog, what do I do?+

    Contact the blog admin.

    +Can I advertise on Life of Print blog?+

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