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  • What keeps you up at night?

    One industry presentation states that more than 50,000 new digital production presses will be installed between 2006 and 2010. Even if it turns out to be only half of that, it still represents serious competitive pressures on pricing - even while offering value-added services. Plus we all know that improvement in digital presses will increase their speeds and formats.

    With this in mind, what keeps you up at night in order to stay competitive and keep ahead of the curve?

    Jim Olsen, President
    Imagination, Ink.

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    Re: What keeps you up at night?

    Luckily, I work for a printer who tries to stay well ahead of the curve, so I sleep just fine. About 2 years ago we added a Xerox iGen printer to complement our 4 6-color presses. We've had nothing but success in integrating it into our workflow and couldn't be happier.
    By the time I walk out of here, I'm going to be a lean, mean, prepress machine...


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      Re: What keeps you up at night?

      Hi Kevin,

      This is great!

      You'd sleep ever better and could dream, if you had Impostrip On Demand Digital 5.3 installed for your iGen.
      Our automated digital imposition solution is hot folder driven and automates the imposition process.
      We even impose Photos directly (JPGs, BMPs and more) for photo products printers.

      You can try a complete version of Impostrip On Demand Digital for free.
      Simply visit

      You can read more on the FORUM

      Ray Duval
      Ultimate Technographics


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        Re: What keeps you up at night?

        Does every thread +have to+ turn into a sales pitch? It's starting to seem like a real Spam Haven in here any more.


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          Re: What keeps you up at night?

          The thought of still being in prepress in 2010 keeps me up at night.


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            Re: What keeps you up at night?

            "Does every thread have to turn into a sales pitch? It's starting to seem like a real Spam Haven in here any more."

            One of the main reasons I quit hanging out on the old PP it had become a vendor site as well as a pi&&ing contest between them.

            A certain couple Agfa and Fuji reps come to mind.

            Oh and in the spirit of the thread:Caffine

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              Re: What keeps you up at night?

              Back in 1995 my job description changed from being a skilled journeyman craftsman to being a skilled technician. People used to ask what's the difference? My reply was 5 bucks an hour! I can see push button printing coming in the future, being pushed by lean manufacturing practices and a better profit margin. Another important factor to consider is the print buyer's expectations being lower, this being driven by lower costs. I have always tried to provide the best service possible for my employer and our customers. I have done this through endless hours of reading, studying, and a dedication to be the best. What keeps me up at night is that I am not sure this will be enough to justify my position in the future, and I still have 15-20 years until retirement.


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                Re: What keeps you up at night?

                The laws of supply-and-demand say it's good for the consumer. "Me-too" printers with no unique differences are very vulnerable. If you believe that your experience, high quality, great service and honest prices will set you apart, I'd like you to meet 50,000 other printers who want to carpool to your next client meeting.

                It's not so scary for 50,000 new presses to enter the market if you have a marketable, distinguishable difference. Think new. Think vertical. Think reoccurring. If you do, you have a shot of choosing your destiny. And sleeping occasionally.

                What keeps me up at night is how to fund the innovation. Who's doing that?


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