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  • Pageflex Storefront

    I am just installing Pageflex to provide web to print, hope to be up and running inside 2 weeks, any body any observations or comments on the product particularly pitfalls

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    Re: Pageflex Storefront

    Pageflex rocks.

    Just be careful of your color spaces. Pageflex has the tendency to have different CMYK equivalents of pantone colors than illustrator. So make sure when you export a template into Pageflex that you check to make sure both your Pageflex color palette and your .eps are both using the same cmyk equivalents. Save a bunch of headaches down the line...especially if you have a lot of area templates associated to the template.

    Wow up and running in 2 weeks? Good luck. How many clients? Our first client took me a good month to get up and running.


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      Re: Pageflex Storefront

      IMHO the primary downside with Storefront is that each store is a unique instance. This is useful for enabling different customizations for each client, but it also requires each production workflow to be handled seperately. Pageflex suggests that custom software can be written to address this as you add more than a handful of stores.

      Each storefront software available has limitations. And most can be extended with custom software. Just keep in mind the need to manage order streams for each store as you grow your service.


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        Re: Pageflex Storefront

        Thanks for advise, estimates based onbeing told by sales reps that it was "a piece of cake" looking closer to 6 weeks


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          Re: Pageflex Storefront


          I've been considering Pageflex's Storefront as an upgrade to my proprietary storefront (see which has been live since 1999 and is definitely showing its age. About 8 months ago I installed an evaluation version of Storefront on one of my servers and the limitations I found were as follows:

          1) No anonymous browsing. Customers had to login or register on the site before even starting to play around with different designs.
          2) Free edit component was built on dated Java technology versus more modern technologies such as AJAX or Flash.
          3) No built-in asset management for art libraries. Clip art for use on products couldn't be separated into categories, they are all displayed in the same window.

          Can anybody tell me whether any of these shortcomings have been addressed with the current release of Storefront?

          Also, with regards to licensing, does anybody know Bitstream's stance on the reselling of their software? As a small business owner with a limited budget, I'd love to find an abandoned version of Storefront which I could pickup at a discounted price. Obviously, support and upgrades are a must so I wanted to make sure Bitstream would support such a transfer before pursuing such an arrangement.


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            I've been doing templates and consulting on Storefront for over 3 years now.
            I would like to offer my services with templates convertion or creation and/or storefront configurations.
            Also, looking for a storefront hosting with maybe 500 clicks per month, looking for a quote on this if you have some space on your server. Thanks


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              Do you have a problem with page flex that has images in 4 color when your images are 1 color ?
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