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  • Ricoh C900 registration

    If anyone owns the Ricoh C900, can they please tell me how the registration is on their machines? I have a new install and am noticing that on duplex, the second side can be off by 1/16". I am assuming and hoping that this has to do with my copier and that this is not indicative of the entire line. Any real world statements would be very helpful.

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    I think it not only your copier...

    Been hearing this same story from many other users..


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      It seems to be able to hold with a bond or uncoated stock....coated tends to be the problem.


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        This should not be the case. Registration is normally well within .5mm. Get the engineer to sort it


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          I concur

          Originally posted by Nonie View Post
          This should not be the case. Registration is normally well within .5mm. Get the engineer to sort it
          Your Ricoh Solutions Engineer (or Ikon or dealer C900 analyst) can show you how to use the Fiery alignment tool and/or image shift, if they haven't already. It's a better idea to take the alignment sheet that you print out (make sure it's the same stock as the job to be run) and draw lines using a square vs folding it in half..more accurate that way. Also have the tech check everything out. Also if you're cutting down your own stock make sure it's perfectly square.


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            The problem is it will drift in and out of registration during the run by 1/16". Tech is working on it, and yes, we verified the stock being square.


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              Check with your technician. There have been several firmware/hardware updates that address registration on coated stock. The C900 does not come out of the box with these installed. It must be done after set up so it's possible yours was delivered without the updates.


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                Do you know what the firmware number/name was?


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