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Envelopes on Xerox 240

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  • Envelopes on Xerox 240

    Is anyone successfully running envelopes on a 240? Will it affect the fuser or drums?
    I am looking for a cost effective way to print short run envelopes <500quantity
    We currently outsource to offset printer.
    I have tried a Xerox 8500 but it has a 1/2" non-print area which will not work for many return addresses.
    Also tried a Xerox 7300 but envelopes wrinkle
    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    Re: Envelopes on Xerox 240

    I know XSIS (Xerox Special Information Systems) engineer machines specialized for envelope printing; however, I imagine you will need a substantial amount of this type of work to justify a machine purchase.


    Print Technology Group Blog ->


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      Re: Envelopes on Xerox 240

      This question about printing envelopes has been here before. I never heard of it on a digital press, so I asked a rep from National Envelope if he was aware of the practice. He claimed that he new people who tried it, but they did not recommend it. Of course, that won't stop printers for trying. It's not THAT easy with an offset press.
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        Re: Envelopes on Xerox 240

        We run envelopes on a 240 quite frequently. Depending on how well the envelopes are manufactured they may come out with some wrinkles. Just run tests and try the envelope through different orientations .

        I would recommend a separate fuser as you will end up with track marks where the envelopes ran.

        Also keep your paper setting to Plain as you need the envelope to run through as quick as possible (you don't want to heat the glue on the flap too much)

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          Re: Envelopes on Xerox 240

          We run envelopes on our canon 3200 and 3220, runs #9 upto 9" x 12" maximum
          You have to make sure you use good quality envelopes and run in normal mode or envelope mode


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            For small sized envelopes (dl10, or c5 / halffold) we use phaser 8860. It needs quite a lot of edge, but the prints are pretty ok (at least for envelope) and the cost of print is very low. It can print on envelopes with clear windows as well cause it operates at lower temperatures then 240 and other laser printers. Considering the cost it is not a bad solution, but you can only load around 50 envelopes at once ...
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              PSI Engineering in Canada makes a feeder and conveyor for envelopes and Xante (also a Oki Data) came out with a machine at Graph Expo. PSI is 55 and Xante is 60 #10 envelopes per minute.


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                We've been running envelopes on our Xante Ilumina for a year. They run really well through it, but mostly runs under 200, because we run through the manual tray. Any amount larger than 200 we print on the duplicators or if four color is needed on the GTO.

                I am impressed on how easy the envelopes run on the Ilimuna and we also have a separate fuser we use for envelopes like seaemwhykay suggests. We have had no consistent wrinkle problem (no more than on the offest presses). The gum does not stick to the envelope from the fuser heat. Occasionally we run into the feeder (friction based) not being able to pick up envelopes well when printing on the flap of some announcement envelopes that have a very smooth finish.

                Internal_R&D_Analyst, do you have PSI Engineering in Canada's info? I'm wondering if their feeder works on the Ilumina?


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                  Here is PSI's website.

                  Envelope Printer | Production Laser Printers | Laser Mail | PSI


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