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  • Intelligent Mail Barcode

    Starting in January of 2009, the United States Post Office will require the use of the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) in order to qualify for postal discounts.

    The IMB is also formally known as the 4-State Barcode, and aka OneCode.

    The USPS will provide you, upon application, a Mailer ID number. If you mail less than 10MM pieces, you get a 9 digit number. If you mail more, you are assigned a 6 digit number.

    If you get assigned a 9 digit MID, you then can use a 6 digit field for a unique sequence number. If you are are assigned the 6 digit MID, then you can use a 9 digit field for a unique sequence number. Nifty !

    Printshop Mail version 5 wants me to use the first 6 digits of my MID. And carry over the remaining 3 digits of my MID into the sequence number field. I wouldn't mind this... however, the barcode that is output is questionable. It doesn't match the output from the USPS website.

    What I am left to do is to take some samples to the nearest Bulk Mail Center and ask them to scan my barcode samples.

    The folks at Printshop are currently working on this and are confident that their solution will work.

    Have you had a similar experience? How are you making preparations for the change to OneCode?

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    Re: Intelligent Mail Barcode

    Well I got my feedback from USPS. The workaround described by my vendor does in fact work. However, the font that was supplied with the program doesn't meet USPS specifications. This is not an issue, since the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode can be downloaded from the USPS website.


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      Re: Intelligent Mail Barcode


      I know its been awhile since you posted this but how did you get the Barcode off the USPS website.

      Do you have the font?

      I'm still waiting on USPS to e-mail me the link to download it. They called me this morning asking for the name of my company.

      Any help on how you resolved your problem would help.



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        Re: Intelligent Mail Barcode

        I am sorry Tony, that I did not monitor this post since last month. I see that you opened a new discussion for the IMB with Fusion Pro and got good results from the forum.

        It was a good move, on your part to download the font from the USPS it is the approved font.

        I read that you were able to get Fusion Pro to work successfully with the IMB.
        I was more readily successful with Print Shop Mail and am ready for the IMB transition.

        By the way, in order to obtain the full postal discount, you will need to barcode your tray tags with the IMB. The USPS will only grant a "basic" discount for barcoding the mailpiece and not the tray tags.


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