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PlanetPress VDP Solution

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  • PlanetPress VDP Solution

    Anyone have experience with this software?

    If so, how does it compare to FusionPro or PrintshopMail?


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    Re: PlanetPress VDP Solution

    So I'm guessing I'm the only lucky one out there to stumble upon this software?


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      Re: PlanetPress VDP Solution

      Hello FasterMD,

      Let me start by saying that I work for Objectif Lune, the makers of PlanetPress and PrintShop Mail. The simplest answer to your question is while there are many thousands of customers for both of our product lines, they don't often "compete". PlanetPress is much more commonly found in the transactional print space (though many customers use it for promotional or transpromo projects) while PrintShop Mail is nearly exclusive to the promotional space. That means for most applications, there is a clear preference, driven by the application.

      I will not try to comment on FusionPro other than to say my exposure to it has always been on the promotional types of applications.

      What type of application did you have in mind? Are you currently using a VDP front end application? Is there a specific feature or need that your project needs addressed? I would be happy to help if I can.

      Feel free to contact me directly if you choose. Good luck with your project.



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        Re: PlanetPress VDP Solution

        Thanks for the response.

        My new employer already has the software and I've begun digging into it.

        I was just looking for feedback from users as to what to expect, it's advantages, drawbacks, etc.

        I've found thus far that it has some great PostScript features that I have yet to find in other VDP apps.

        Just a few days in though, so I've got a lot to learn yet.


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