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    We use Lorton data's A-qua mailer. It's cloud based as well as a desktop version, we use the cloud version.

    We do a lot presorts so we have an annual subscription, but they offer pay as you go rates if you don't do a lot of presorts.


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      Originally posted by MailGuru View Post

      Mmmmmmm. Not many print & mail shops "make money" on postage. It's basically a pass-through cost. It is, what it is. However, postal sortation software allows you to be competitive with other mail shops. Without it, your customer will want to know why XYZ printing, just around the corner, can print and mail much cheaper than you can. Answer: Because they have postal sortation software, that generates postal discounts. We don't so, the only way we can mail is First Class single piece.
      I never said or implied making money on postage. They are an inplant shop with limited mailings and many are small quantities. All I'm saying is that they may never see enough savings in postage to offset the cost of software and additional hours to process a list.


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        Yes accuzip is like using software made for Windows 98, but it works and they have outstanding technical support!


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          We use Accuzip extensively. It seems like it's from 1993, but hidden under that old archaic gui is some real power! It is very friendly if you are into templates and scripting. The scripting has allowed us to create a streamlined hot folder system that is tied to scripts that do some amazing things If you a decent number of mailings its is a major time saver.


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