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    I've been looking for some Electronic Form solution, I tested Formatta and Formdocs. I want to known if there any other options to create, administrate and fill Electronic Forms. We are looking for a strong solution that let us implement in the future some workflow and version management of the forms. Someone has any suggestion? Is there any web to print application that suite this requirement?

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    Re: E-Form Solution

    Check out the forms capabilities of Adobe Acrobat Pro. They have some interesting electronic forms creation tools. This may be all you need. - peter
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      Re: E-Form Solution



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        Re: E-Form Solution

        It would be helpful If I could have a little bit more information as to what exactly you are trying to do.

        1. Are you trying to create forms that would be filled out using a keyboard only on the web ?

        2. Are there forms going to be printed, filled out and then scanned ?

        3. Are these form going to be processed using OCR/ICR after scanning ?

        4. If 3 is true, are you needing to have that data searchable ?

        Here are a few Forms resources;

        hope this helps, and I look forward to reding your reply
        Michael Jahn - Slightly used PDF Evangelist
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          Re: E-Form Solution

          We are forms, transactional and security printer and we would like to offer and alternative option to our actual forms costumers. We have been looking for some solutions that let us create, manage and do workflow for fillable forms (like fillable pdf forms).

          1. Are you trying to create forms that would be filled out using a keyboard only on the web ?
          Yes, we want to create fillable forms that can be filled on the web and also on an intranet.

          2. Are there forms going to be printed, filled out and then scanned ?

          3. Are these form going to be processed using OCR/ICR after scanning ?

          4. If 3 is true, are you needing to have that data searchable?

          Thanks to Peter's answer we start to study the Adobe solutions and found that they have a very complete solution that can be useful for us.

          Now my question is where we can find some price list of the Adobe Live Cycle Forms, Reader Extension, Form Manager, Policy Server and Document Security license? We do want to know about the price orders before contact some dealer in Colombia.

          Luis Alfonso Villegas


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            Re: E-Form Solution

            doesn't Adobe have a price list on their web site?
            I thought most foreign countries had their IT and web dvl work done from India? lol

            With Adobe you'd be getting a good product.
            Otherwise I would just design it yourself - adding in option forms , validators and use secure https page for on-site security on forms

            For running forms in (offline network) intranet etc. Run a server APache system (pc)
            and run the same web forms you would use on the web. But set permissions on folder (of virtual localhost www) with password.

            By including database SQL compatible scripts, you could create an open ended system , where you can then design processing scripts.
            So if for example you want to output the information in a form when person/ user clicks the submit button (or whichever trigger you use),
            you could have that form data instantly processed and seperated into multiple files such as :
            1. All information sorted and sent to database under the cooresponding category.
            2. All contact information seperated and processed into tab delimited etc files and saved in .txt file (for use with ontact lists, email Outlook, etc)
            3. The number in which form was received - sent to a updated Priority list that displays the date and link in a list of forms submitted.

            Being able to process the data in a customized way that fits your business is important to save time on locating, seperating, filtering and converting all of that information later. Instead if you have an idea how that data would need to be saved in various formats and files, you could have this all done instantly when the user submits the form. As one form can be parsed to as many tens, hundreds, or thousands of different ways at once. It saves time when you say = "wheres that such and such file.. I need somebody to convert it for Outlook and I need it in a database for contacts and mailings etc" Instead, just do it all at once

            Thats the advantage of designing your own solutions compared to tyring to fit your business flow and design into a template.
            If you can draw a map of the structure and flow you'd like to have , with forms, information storage and what file formats, you can have people look at that and design everything you're needing to achieve. Even if you dont know the solutions or programming of how to do those things, just draw it out in a file tree or heirarchy like a road map and flow. Programmers/web dvls will be able to see what you're saying.


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              might want to look at

              its our new solution and we're looking for feedback and more first adopters... If not, no worries


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