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  • Best business card order portal

    I’m wanting a way to provide my customers with their own private labeled storefront where they can log in....order name tags, cards, etc. It will all be variable aside from the set parameters of the items. From there, they submit the order....get email notifications...and the print ready file is emailed to myself at the print shop? What is the best software for this....printer presence....something similar?

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    We use a company called Prism Technologies ( ) I believe they are owned by Xerox and based out of Montreal. Each of our customers (that use this) have their own login. When they login in they can have access to order whatever items they want. We are certainly not power users of it and just use the basics. So the average customer has their letterhead, various envelopes and static items like that. They would click how many they want, submit the order. It can either go through to us or have to be verified on their end by some manager or someone of authority to make sure the order is approved, once they do that you can an email with the order and a PDF of the file for print.

    You can also do this for variable items. For us the variable items are business cards. The design is set but the fields that they want to be variable are not, so they would fill it in through the web login, put in whatever details they are allowed and then submit. Goes through a similar process as listed above.


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      Hi, As Web To Print solutions provider since 2005, provide such system for B2B and B2C customers. You can create unlimited mini portals for your customers. If you are interested in more details I will ask our people in the US office to contact you. Thanks, Amir
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        arkansasdan, my company (Marketing Ideas For Printers) can help. We help LOTS of printers do exactly that!, or give us a call at 800-736-0688 / 701-241-9204.
        Websites content and technology for busy printers that don't have time to build and maintain a sales-building website. Starting at $89 per month.


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          There are a multitude of these out there, we used Hexacom's Printjob for about a year and it worked well, we dropped it only because it wasn't a good fit for our particular organisation, but that is no reflection on the software.
          It is provided as "Software as a Service" and hosted on Hexacom's own servers so there is no requirement for you to purchase or provide a server yourself.


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            Firespring's Springboard platform also does what you are looking for.


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