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    Originally posted by Alois Senefelder View Post
    Industrialization of Cihina (a land of blue collar workers) and advanced technology in Western Democracy is now idling millions humans.
    Well now you know where to find a job if you decide to come out of retirement to work on your craft some more.


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      Real or sublime?

      I believe it is REAL, however I believe Zager and Evans just had the time tables off, some half century ago.

      It will happen SOONER, unless we can smarten up. Just my take and thank you for the respect.

      D Ink Man

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        Now here folks is a very good example of moving forward with new technology that offers innovation and something significantly different than what was available previously. Die cutting to the next level. This achievement has no great impact on the loss of employment for people (likely creates jobs) and produces a starkly different end product for hand held printed material.

        The article was found in Frank Romano's What You Think? page and it found to be enlightening and educational. Take a look when you have a moment.

        D Ink Man

        Kathy Holmes at K&W Finishing offers the traditional die cutting, coating, and other bindery services. But this 2nd-generation binder has taken the company into the 21st Century with laser diecutting.


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          Thoughts on an early Sunday morning in Vandiver.

          I am one that encourages technological progress in printing, other industries and the world. It is a natural course that we take as intelligent beings. If you look at the progress from the Industrial Revolution to today, you can see the monumental forward movement the world has taken. That revolution was born sometime around 1760 and really took significant foothold in the median year of 1830. It is mind boggling to take the period of time from 1830 to now and come to the realization of the tremendous progress that has been made.

          With that said, if you use your thinking and can begin to imagine what further progress can be done in the next 200 years to the year say 2200, that is the fodder that will provide you with some philosophical view. As much as technology and advancement seem to be wonderful, if one takes the stance on a humanitarian side, the consequence to be regressive seems to be real. Why? All you have to do is take a look around you to see what is happening with the people and the State of the World.

          Is it more concerning than any time in history? This is where you must take distinction and each of us have responsibility to figure it out ourselves. Not to do so, and be curious about the future, is a very selfish gesture not to do so. If you only care about your own skin and the expected time you have on the Earth, then it does not matter to you.

          However, if you are concerned and can put your own being to one of lessened significance, you will then be able to offer thought to yourself and others about the future of the planet and the people. This I feel is a most generous act of kindness one can give to their momentary existence on Earth.

          Enjoy your day of rest.

          D Ink Man


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            More voice towards the point.

            D Ink Man


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                Methinks the questions should be: At what point does a job become so easy that it ceases to be a job and is that a way the printing industry is heading?
                I think that most of us here have enjoyed a long career with all the training and dedication the printing industry brings with it, but when I go to a customer these days and start to ask about SID´s and Tonal values and increases or screening and dpi vrs. ppi I get blank looks, very blank looks. It seems that the in-depth apprenticeship I "enjoyed" (and I use that term rather flexible) is no longer required and no longer given. As a prepress guy why he does things in such and such a way and you will get: "Because that is the way it was set up five or six years ago." as an answer, then as a suffix: "Way before my time!" At some point you just say to yourself: "Why bother trying to explain when they don´t even have the basics covered?"


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