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We´re looking for fresh ideas to expand our bussiness

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  • We´re looking for fresh ideas to expand our bussiness

    Hi everybody. My name is Matias, and I´m from Argentina. We own a familiar print shop where my father and I work.
    And, as things from print shops in my country (or any bussiness in gnrl) are not so good, we re looking for new products.

    I think this is the best place to look for help, as I suppose you guys are mainly from the US where the printing field must be way more developed.

    I would be grateful to be given some advices about what can be done to improve our profits. Our main source of income is receipt, and invoice printing, as well as such things as candy bars, T-shirt printing and so on. Im pretty sure that knowing which are the trends in the US may be and advantage, because they will later arrive in my country, I have some ideas in mind, like making kind of polaroid photos (with the frame and those things) kindergarten sets (with a mug, a bib, etc, with personalizad designs). But i would be pleased to hear other options from you.

    This is my first post on these forums, so if this is not the correct category, I would move it if required.

    Thank you beforehand for your answers.
    Matias Marchetto

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    Hi Vinchu, I have worked in a few different print shops over the last 20 years of my industry experience. And for the last 5 years I now sell printing equipment, so I visit lots of shops ranging from small 2-4 employee, up to shops with 30-50 employees and everything in between. I have noticed 2 consistent things with shops that are successfully growing:

    1) Diversity of offerings: Many shops get stuck at cut-sheet printing or whatever their niche is and then outsource everything else (or just tell their customers they don't offer that service). When shops invest in their own wide format equipment, mailing equipment, garment printing, and so on, that portion of their business really takes off because they can now turn it around faster, make a higher margin, and they have incentive to market it and push it out to their existing customers. It sounds like you're thinking this way already which is great! I don't have one specific thing to recommend, because you can make money at anything you put your mind to. However, what I have seen a trend in is packaging. This could be labels, folding cartons, or cardboard boxes and displays. I have also seen shops have alot of success with t-shirt printing and embroidery.

    2) The next thing is sales and marketing: So many shops become content or lazy and rely on their existing customers and the few new accounts they get from walk-ins, referrals, or web searches. The shops that are successful and growing have outside sales people and an active marketing plan. There is no perfect method of marketing, you just have to do it. Send out mailers, email blasts, be active on social media, SEO (search engine optimization), refresh your website, ask your customers to post reviews on sites that are relevant in your county (google reviews, Yelp, and Facebook are big here) be actively involved in your local networking groups, sponsor events/charities by printing their materials and putting "printing donated by" and your logo or advertisement on the piece, and so on.

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