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A very sad letter

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  • A very sad letter

    The following very sad letter was forwarded to me.

    Even if I personally cover costs and my boss reemburses me on a "as used" basis. They are not willing to have an employee as a supplier, even though technically I'm not the supplier. I'm just doing a little bit extra work to get the product here and to them. my reasoning is for health as you know.
    They do not want to import the products themselves even though there are many added benefits.

    Words were - There has to be products in ???????, use them!
    I'm now getting boettcher in and they can set the damn machine up with their chemistry & products, many extremly hazardous. Then I will be looking for another job outside of the printing industry.
    It's a shame, but with my families history of ?????? I can't afford to subject my body to the harmful chemicals that are rife in the industry.

    I hope one day that ??????? products make it to ???????...
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