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Recycling - What do you think?

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  • Recycling - What do you think?


    Its an interesting point but i'm not convinced

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    Re: Recycling - What do you think?

    The key in my opinion is the "... where competitively priced, ..." It's one of those things that lots of people
    seem to want to do, but when it comes down to the bottom line many buyers opt for saving the money.
    I don't think they addressed what type of recycled content very well, or at all. Pre-consumer and
    post-consumer materials are different when figuring out how much a stock will cost the end user.


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      Re: Recycling - What do you think?

      > {quote:title=Tombo2007 wrote:}{quote}
      > Its an interesting point but i'm not convinced

      Convinced of what?

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        Re: Recycling - What do you think?

        We have been recycling since 1981. To us it is normal activity>


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          Re: Recycling - What do you think?

          We print entirely on pressure sensitive roll stock. To me one of the big drawbacks of this is the inability to recycle it, as the paper is married up to adhesive, silcone and a carrier. At best you can get some carriers that can be recycled, but these are only made avaiable for certain papers. And there are even fewer pressure sensitive papers out there which are made with post consumer material.


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