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    For the pressrooms that have made the move to environmental practices, do you list this in your marketing material?

    The only bit of eco marketing we do is the tiny SGP logo on our product....
    I suggested that we could either print a DL flyer that should be despatched with every job or handed out to prospective clients . A flyer that lists our environmental practices.
    Have a digital version of the flyer that is submitted along with every online quote, this way perhaps a prospective client may choose us over a competitor.

    This has fallen on deaf ears, and so to this date the only people that know we are doing the following is us:
    Recycling paper / plastics / minimizing land fill
    Printing with vegetable based inks
    Printing alcohol free / reduced
    Reducing / Eliminating high VOC products
    Sending waste product / liquid to licensed contractors

    It seems daft to me that you would go to the effort of achieving such practices & not market them.
    The answer thrown back at me was "most clients wouldn't even know what we we're talking about" - Well we are in the industry of marketing are we not? On the back of the flyer list the benefits of XXX vs XXX

    I guess I'm just the stupid printer, what would I know......

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    Eco Marketing is a tricky business and you need to go into it very, very clear on what you're trying to do. There are essentially two different kinds of customers that buy for environmental reasons.

    The first group has an expectation that whatever purchases they make are going to go to the retailer with the most sustainable, non-toxic, carbon-negative products. This group sees environmental stewardship not as a value-added item in their purchase but as a minimal standard that must be met in the transaction. When dealing with this group you need to be able to communicate clearly what you you do and how you do it in an ecologically minded way. Be aware that with these customers you still need to win them over in all the traditional ways so the cost of badging may not be worth the effort from a strictly bottom line point of view.

    On the other hand there is a second group. These are customers who can be appealed to by virtue of the environmental argument alone. Connecting with them takes more effort in many cases. Here at Global Power Solutions one of our marketing targets is consumers looking for carbon negative products, willing to pay more for them and not being given the opportunity. I found this site and your post specifically when Google Alerts let me know you'd posted on "Eco Marketing". This is just one example of how you could find a potential client. This second category is willing to pay a modest (in some rare cases substantial) premium to have their purchase made in a sustainable, renewable way. These customers want, and must be given a different kind of product that has all the right badging to shows off their "conspicuous conservation". Again, notice that the badging is a consequence of an earlier part of the process.

    Brian Reynolds
    Global Power Solutions, LLC
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