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    Re: What do YOU do?

    We are devoting a very small space initially for the storage of
    FSC stocks. We only have a few clients interested at this point,
    and we are a 12 x 18 sheet fed store, so it's not too hard for us to
    come up with the space for now. We're planning to order in for
    each individual job, and to use all the paper ordered for each
    job. That way we won't have to inventory and store remaining
    sheets in the hopes that we'll use them down the road. While the
    stock in question is in the shop we'll have specific tags for the
    paper, and specific work orders for jobs that we're going to
    claim certification on. We're still working on it on a corporate
    and local level, but at this point this is the plan.


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      Re: What do YOU do?

      I went on an FSC / PEFC seminar the other week. We already have ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditation so there isn't such a lot for us to do. the problem is that there aren't many people trained and authorised to grant the Chain of Custody at the moment and those that are, demand what we feel is a large sum for our efforts. We don't need to implement very much at all as many of the processes are in place and all they have to do is check we have the right procedure in place. For that we would have to pay around £3000 to a governing body for doing next to nothing. So far we have not had any demand from clients to prove the chain of custody or to print the FSC logo, only to print the jobs on FSC material. If anyone does ask for proof of origin we show them the chain of Custody from the mill or paper merchant. To date that has always been enough, I think there has got o be an element of trust within a business relationship and as long as he can categorically state that the material is either FSC or PEFC certified that should be enough.


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        Re: What do YOU do?

        This is what I've suspected, and good info. We've been doing the
        same type of thing (including printing on stock that bears the FSC
        watermark) up until now. However there are clients that receive
        directives from their head offices that the FSC logo be printed on
        their collateral. The only way a shop can do this is to pay for the
        rights to reproduce it. That you already have many of these procedures
        in place already doesn't matter in the same way that paper mills who
        have been practicing sustainable forestry for years and years can't
        make any claim without paying for it either. This is very clever
        marketing by FSC and SCS, in my opinion, but not very altruistic
        (which I feel their marketing suggests that they are). An example
        of this will be when we get audited, then certified, we'll be responsible
        for periodic internal audits since there aren't any auditors in our
        region (so we're told). This seems rather silly to me as a SOP
        for maintaining control of COC by a governing body, and set up
        to be taken advantage of. But whatever. We'll pay them the money
        and get certified and do what we need to stay certified as long as
        there is a demand from our clients. I dislike the way it's set up to work.
        Maybe I have the wrong impression here, as I've only been looking into
        certification for a few months...

        I do think it's a great way to drum up demand for softwood that is
        difficult to sell in the US because of tariffs though.


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          Re: What do YOU do?

          Anyone ever follow the money on this? I'd love to know where it's all really going $$. My suspicion is that it is a self sustaining annuity for global environmental activists.

          Ask your paper recycler where they sell most of their material? 75% to Asia is our recycler's best estimate. I kind of doubt they are very worried about their footprint like we seem to be in the US.

          Actually, come to think of it...with the state of the paper/print industry, alternative e-media, 15 states currently with pending Do Not Mail bills in their legislatures, I'm more worried about my footprint in the unemployment line than I am about how much carbon is on it.


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            Re: What do YOU do?

            We have a "green committee" of which I am the chair. I have been passionate about this topic for a while but on a corporate level it's a different ball-game. We became FSC certified. We of course, recycle tons of unused paper - as well as office paper. That was new this year - I had my department recycling but now it is integrated into the departments. We also recycle plastics from chemistry packaging and the like.

            We use (as most do) soy inks and reduced VOC chemistry (I actually need to get more intimate with the pressroom on this topic though - I'm in prepress mostly).

            The latest thing we are doing is a "waste audit" where the city comes in and guides us through looking through our garbage. Should be interesting (I get to dig through it too ... yay!)


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              Re: What do YOU do?

              You can always do more, and I think it's important to constantly challenge yourself to improve, but you also need to be realistic. A 100% green (if such a thing exists) print shop can't change the world if it's out of business. To me, from a both a personal and business perspective, pushing yourself to make incremental improvements is a sensible compromise. Rather than worrying about what everyone else is doing and the legitimacy of all the various certifications, I try to make my best estimate at what is right according to the prevailing science and follow it in good faith.

              I've just started working with the [Green Exchange|], a green business community in Chicago. One of our tenants, [Consolidated Printing|], is always looking for better methods and materials. They're using vegetable ink instead of soy ink because soy ink contains petroleum. They're using vinegar and shortening to replace heavy duty solvents. Here's an interview with their owner, Marilyn Jones: [].



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