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Massive Font issues !

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  • Massive Font issues !

    Just took over prepress at my company, in a massive learning curve right now. Having a font problem when i open email. Turns text into glyphs. Any ideas?


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    Re: Massive Font issues !

    Hi Greg
    If you are using a Mac make sure that all the Base system fonts are installed into the System Fonts folder. Are you using a web browser to get to your emails or are you using another application like Entourage as the email application. if you are using an email application and you have another spare mac that does not haver this application installed what I would do is take a snapshot of what fonts are in the system font folder then install the application and then copy all the newly installed fonts onto your existing mac and see if that fixes the problem. If that doesn't work go to the preferences of the email application and in the setting you should be able to change the font to a font that you have in your system.
    If you are using a PC check to make sure that Arial is intalled in your system fonts folder.

    Good Luck


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      Re: Massive Font issues !

      If you're on a Mac, make sure Helevetica Fractions isn't activated
      as a System Font. What font manager are you using?

      If your on a PC the previous post is good advice.


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        Re: Massive Font issues !

        Your font caches simply need to be purged; try Font Finagler - attaching appropriate info in a pdf of readme file


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