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Leopard problem.....

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  • Leopard problem.....

    I don't know if this is a bug with Indesign but I've recently got Leopard and when I print to our Xerox 7000 the first page always prints ok but the rest of the pages seem to rotate and print off the page (2 or more page document)!

    I can print from Quark 6.5, Acrobat and Mac Os 10.5 print options with no problems.

    I have tried a range of Xerox 7000 print drivers and they all have the same problem.

    Now we also have a Xerox 6060 and 250 which prints correctly from Indesign CS3.

    So the problem is only in Indesign CS3 printing a multi-page document to a Xerox 7000ap.

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    Re: Leopard problem.....

    Are printing directly to the DFE, or are you generating a PDF and sending that to the DFE?


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      Re: Leopard problem.....

      Printing Directly.

      I've found a work around though - it does indeed seem to be a bug with indesign CS3 and Leopard.

      Make sure page size is set to 'defined by driver' and use page setup to select page size.


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