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G5 stopped working

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  • G5 stopped working

    Hi all!

    I had my G5 Mac go to a black screen and does not want to come back to life. It was just sitting idle and the fan motor started racing loud for a while and the monitor went out.

    I have checked the monitor and it is fine. The power supply seems to be fine. When I start the machine I get the startup tones and I can open and close the cd drawer the lights on the buttons light up, I can't tell if it is booting up completely though I think it is.

    My thoughts are the video card is shot. Any suggestions before I call in the probably expensive guru's???

    Thanks for all your help!


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    Re: G5 stopped working

    I would at least try and shut everything down.
    Open up the Mac.
    Touch the power supply to ground yourself before going any further.
    Pull the card and put it back in.
    Reboot the machine and see if it works.
    It might not hurt to try and use another monitor if possible to double check.

    That's my $.02.


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      Re: G5 stopped working

      I did try both the reseating and the different monitor still no luck..

      Thanks for the suggestions.



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        Re: G5 stopped working

        have you tried resetting the PRAM and SMU?

        Reset the SMU

        Reset the PRAM


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          Re: G5 stopped working

          Swap the graphics card to a different PCI slot.... See if that does anything. Can you VNC or SSH into the Mac? If you can then the graphics card is shot. Try taking a graphics card out of anthother G5 or any Mac and testing it in the bad G5.


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            Re: G5 stopped working

            Could be a power supply issue. We had the same thing here with one of our G5s. It sounded like a jet engine for a day or two, but operated normally, then one day it wouldn't boot, though the light would come on when the power button was pressed.

            Check to see if your serial number falls in the range listed at the website below...might be a recall issue and a free repair. Ours was.


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              Re: G5 stopped working


              It was the video card.... $800+ for a new replacement, $260 for a reman...

              Thanks all for your input..

              Dale Zahnke


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