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Permissions on Mac Serv 10.4 /Leop

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  • Permissions on Mac Serv 10.4 /Leop

    I have a problem with new folders created on different stations. It loses the permissions and have to go to the server and restate permissions rw-rw-rw. Groups and users seem to be fine. In fact, they were redone and still, the same problem. Subfolders will not let another station make changes or open a file. We have to go each time to the server and change permissions to read/write.

    So, about every 4 hours, we propagate permissions to the entire drive.

    We're running ApogeeX 2.7. Most Mac stations have 10.4.


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    Re: Permissions on Mac Serv 10.4 /Leop

    Let me confirm I'm understanding you right.

    You've got and ApogeeX 2.7 server. You are connecting with Mac clients. When a user writes a folder, the permissions are retained and other users cannot modify the files withing those folders. Yes? I believe Apogee X 2.7 would be Win2K server or is it Win2K3?

    On the Windows server open the sharing properties window of the shared folder. On the security tab click the Advanced button. There's 2 checkboxes in there for inheriting permissions from the parent object. This controls if new folders retain their permissions or get them rewritten.


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      Re: Permissions on Mac Serv 10.4 /Leop

      Apogee Server is ok. The problem seems to be somewhere on the Mac Server. Here's the example: Mac #1 can make a new folder on the server and copy a pdf. Mac #2 will have read only permission. The same will apply with the opposite, Mac#2 creating the folder. Anything done on Mac #2 cannot be changed by Mac #1.

      I'm not sure if it is a security update problem. Fix one thing, chances are there may be something else that won't work.

      Groups/Users each have been rebuilt. Here's the funny thing. I created a base folder with several subfolders from the server. I made sure all permissions were read/write. A few days later, permissions were read only. HA! ~scratching all the hair from top of head~

      I do have to double check the PC server.



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        Re: Permissions on Mac Serv 10.4 /Leop

        I have the same problem with folders created by Leopard. Those folders are read only for all other Macs. And folders created by Tiger or Panther are RW by all. If you find a good answer post it here. I'd love to know too.
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          Re: Permissions on Mac Serv 10.4 /Leop

          not so sure it is a Leopard only issue. We are running an apple server with X-san and having a few permissions problems right now. It's all very 'greek' to me but our IT guy is quite displeased with the lack of support from apple on fixing this. Just found out this week too the search function essentially does not work on the new sever.


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            Re: Permissions on Mac Serv 10.4 /Leop

            OK. That last bit sound eerily familiar. Way back when we first got into Mac OS/AFP server we found that users would log in and the server would create some hidden files relative to the desktop and trash can. Because they were exclusive the search function would fail because it didn't have permissions on all the files in the directory. I forget the exact error but it was totally unhelpful. There's a good chance the two "features" are closely related. As for support, that's the crux of my love/hate relationship with Apple. You generally don't have problems with Macs, but when you do, Apple is completely apathetic.

            Some years ago Steve Jobs made a statement in his MacWorld Expo Keynote address. "I see the Mac as the hub for the new digital lifestyle". That raised immediate red flags in my head that Apple was going to focus on the home user rather than the business user. Seems to me these fears are coming true on a number of levels. All accelerated by the fact that Apple now makes more money of iPods and iTunes than it does off computer sales. These problems that crop up with distributed file systems and large scale networks for a few business users are really not their concern.

            Anyways, AppleshareIP has always been flaky when it comes to file permissions from network users. For the most part I've caved in and made workgroups use a common login. I lose a little bit of traceability but it's an acceptable sacrifice.


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              Re: Permissions on Mac Serv 10.4 /Leop

              The latest version of X-San (X-San 2) is supposed to resolve the searching problem, we'll see if some of these permissions issues get resolved as well/ We recently discovered the Illustrator files are not handling permissions very well... tbc

              We should be installing X-San 2 next week.


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