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OSX Disk Defragmentation

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  • OSX Disk Defragmentation

    Refresh my memory, does/should one defragment a xServe RAID (768gb & 2.2TB)??? If yes, what do you use?

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    Re: OSX Disk Defragmentation

    Nope. The data is "fragmented" across the various discs. Totally un-necessary on RAID 3,5, or 6 volumes. Stripes, mirrors and mirrored stripes "possibly". But again not really necessary. Single disc volumes, yes it's helpful. RAID's, don't bother.
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      Re: OSX Disk Defragmentation

      Thanks. So what do you use on single disks? I thought at some time I read that HFS+ formatted disks do not need to be defragmented? True?


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        Re: OSX Disk Defragmentation

        I use a product called iDefrag. Its pretty easy to use but if you want to fully defrag your startup disk, you will need to boot off of a different volume.



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          Re: OSX Disk Defragmentation

          Any disk (single drive as said before) requires defrag once in a while depending on usage, regardless of its system file / format.
          HFS+ uses some adaptive algorithms to dinamically group together the most recent used bits of data in the catalog b-tree and extents, but in most cases defrag is beneficial if the disk has been used heavily.
          I use IDefrag as well (bootable DVD) to carry out maintenance when required.


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