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Transfering user to new hard drive

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  • Transfering user to new hard drive

    Here's the situation. I have an older G4 running OS 10.4.10 that I use mainly for archiving jobs. It has two hardrives, one 80Gig and the original drive which is 25 Gig I believe. Three Preps Mac workstations connect to this archive Mac using file sharing.
    Currently the 80 Gig disk contains jobs in one folder and some applications, personal stuff and boot operating system. I want to move everything except the jobs folder to the 25 Gig disk and boot from it keeping all user prefs, keychains, etc.
    I tried carbon copy cloner, but when I booted from the 25 Gig disk it did not start with me as the user and my name under "users" did not have the hone logo attached. Have I missed something in CCC or is there a better way to do this?

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    Re: Transfering user to new hard drive

    I use PSyncX 2.2.1 on a G4 Dual 500 MHz (in fact three G4's), and clone my system to my internal or external Firewire drives with this program. I can then boot up from my external Firewire if needed. In fact, at home, I have run my system off my external HD for more than 5 years straight with no problems. I can also use PSyncX to back up important folders on a schedule. Easy. Just make sure to run as root (preference in backup you make in PsyncX).



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      Re: Transfering user to new hard drive

      I use ASR, which is a command line tool.

      Check "man asr" in Terminal for more information.

      you could use asr like this :

      asr restore --source /Volumes/25GB --target /Volumes/80GB
      ( It wasn't clear from your post which way you wanted to move the data. )

      You can also do something similar with Disk Utility using the "restore" tab. Just don't check the "Erase Destination" check box. Disk Utility calls asr when you use that feature.



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        Re: Transfering user to new hard drive

        One of the best free downloads is SuperDuper!, which will allow you to make a bootable clone. I have used this in addition to Carbon Copy Cloner and PsyncX. I just like PsyncX the best, and I can use it for not just bootable clones, but also scheduled backups of important folders. If you're like me, and really would rather deal with a GUI and not just command line, then I would check out one or more of these tools I have listed.



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