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Dual Boot on El Capitan imac?

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    Originally posted by Tim-Ellis View Post

    I have an old Mac book pro running 10.5 in the corner of my office. It automates my ftp uploads 24/7.

    The free version of Team Viewer allows me to share the screen on my other Mac running El Capitan. I can do the same from home too. (possibly from my iPad but I've not tested that).
    Should be able to use the iPad. I've logged in to my fiery using team viewer on my iPhone to see how a job was progressing.


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      Originally posted by Joe View Post
      If you are running OS X 10.6.8 on the MacPro you can use Mac OS X Screen Sharing from your new iMac to see the screen on the MacPro. It works just like you are sitting at the Mac Pro.
      I did that for years. My main machine used to be a white macbook... yah I know, not the best machine for the job bit it got it done. I had an old PowerMac G4 that I kept under my desk, it was running, just no keyboard or monitor plugged in. I could screen share it on the macbook when I needed something for it or to run something on it. Worked great.


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