Hi guys,

For some time, I've been working on a little personal project to make file automation a little simpler. To summarize, you can use this to create hotfolders, download and move files to FTP or Amazon S3, and even trigger advanced workflows with HTTP requests. It's designed to be used for programmers but is very simple to get running and incorporate your own code.

Here is an antfarm workflow that sorts PDFs from other filetypes with a hotfolder:

const    Antfarm = require('antfarm'),
         af = new Antfarm();

let hotfolder_a = af.createFolderNest("/var/hotfolders/a");
let pdf_folder = af.createFolderNest("/var/out/pdf");
let other_folder = af.createFolderNest("/var/out/others");

let tunnel = af.createTunnel("Simple pdf sorting workflow");


tunnel.run((job, nest) => {
   if(job.extension == "pdf"){
   } else {
Get it and read the documentation here: https://github.com/dominickp/antfarm

I'm happy to discuss antfarm or give automation advice in this thread or in Open Automation.