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Automatic link for mac on a windows server

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  • Automatic link for mac on a windows server

    A bit of a tricky question:
    Our prepress department is running on mac's apart from our server, that's a windows server in connection with our ERP software system. Every time a new article is created a folder is created on the windows server with the corresponding number. Actually 2 folders are created. One under Proof and one under Production. These 2 folders need to be linked to each other. Meaning: if I am in folder Proof/123456 and I want to go to Production/123456 ; I have to make a mac alias to that folder first so I can do this easily in the future.

    Is there a script of way that this can automatically be done when the article is created and our ERP sends the signal to the server.
    Note: it's needs to be a mac alias link and not a windows link

    Hope someone can help me because I've been searching the net for a solution without any result so far.



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    Re: Automatic link for mac on a windows server

    What process is creating the two folders on the Windows server? Is it a Mac connect to the Windows box via SMB or WebDAV? Or is the ERP system doing this automatically? Are you in a completely OS X environment for your Macs?


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      Re: Automatic link for mac on a windows server

      The folders are made by a program on the windows server that is triggerd every 3 minutes. It looks at our database of our ERP system to see what articles have been made/changed. All these processes are without any mac runing them. The macs are only for the operators to work on. They look at the windows server to find the job files.

      As a help I've added 2 screenshots of the same folder. One on a windows machine and one an the mac.

      Thanks for the help!


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        Re: Automatic link for mac on a windows server

        I would look into using [symbolic links|] .


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