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G5 not booting after OSX update

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  • G5 not booting after OSX update

    So the guy on 2nd decides to go ahead and update his OS last night when the update window pops up and now I can't get his computer to boot.

    Tried booting in single user and running applejack with no luck, tried running diskwarrior with no luck.

    What can I try next? Short of reinstalling?

    The comp will get to the starting Mac OSx... window the progress bar goes all the way to the end and that's where it stops.


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    Re: G5 not booting after OSX update

    Have you tried to boot using the shift key. This loads into safe
    mode. Pulls out a lot of extra stuff when loading (kind of like
    starting up without extensions in the old days). If it loads up that
    way, you probably have something from a third party causing the
    problem. If the computers are auto-logging in, then while in safe
    mode change it to come up with a log in screen and log in as a
    different user. This will tell you if it is system wide or just at
    the user level. Otherwise do an archive and install from you disk
    that came with you computer. Generally, there is no need to do a
    complete reinstall of everything. Then process with all the maint
    updates. Hope this works for you.

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      Re: G5 not booting after OSX update

      do you get the blue screen with a little magnifying glass in the upper right corner of your monitor?

      if so, this is a corrupted spotlight pref.
      Start up in Safe mode (hold down the shift key, forever)
      when it boots up, navigate to the user/home/library/preferences and trash your finder.plist file and or the spotlight.plist file if you have one.

      Restart as normal and you should be good to go.



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        Re: G5 not booting after OSX update

        Won't boot in safe just goes to start up splash screen and hangs after progress bar finishes.

        I'm already reinstalling/archiving this guys computer acts weird anyway so It aint gonna hurt I suppose.



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