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Use mac with 2 users at the same time???

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  • Use mac with 2 users at the same time???

    Is there a way to do the following:

    On a powerfull G5 with multiple users, acces one user account using Apple Remote Desktop from a mac outside the office whilst another user is operating the G5 itself with a different account?

    I've been looking into this issue but can't find a way out here. Any suggestions on how I can get this working?

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    Re: Use mac with 2 users at the same time???

    I believe you can have only one User at a time logged in and active.
    Have you tried to do it at the Mac without doing a remote login?

    Fast user switching is one option, but you still only have one user active at a time.

    but I could be wrong,
    good luck,

    here's from Mac help:

    Switching between user accounts
    You can turn on "fast user switching" to allow more than one user to stay logged in to a computer at a time. For example, if you're working on a spreadsheet of financial data and your daughter begs to check for iChat AV messages, you can switch to your daughter's account. When she's done checking for messages, you can switch back to your account and your spreadsheet is right where you left it.

    When fast user switching is turned on, the name of the current user is displayed in the upper-right corner of the menu bar. You can click the name to select another user to switch to. If the other user's account doesn't require a password, the computer switches automatically to the new user's home folder. Otherwise, you see a dialog asking for the user's password.

    To turn on fast user switching:
    Open System Preferences and click Accounts.
    If some settings are dimmed, click the lock icon and type an administrator name and password.
    Click Login Options.
    Select "Enable fast user switching."

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      Re: Use mac with 2 users at the same time???

      even if you can do that, i would think that would really affect responsiveness of the machine for the guy running it on-site, depending on what kind of work each person is doing.



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        Re: Use mac with 2 users at the same time???

        I just tried it. Remote desktop lets you connect to the target computer, but you can only control the frontmost session. Sorry, but it looks like you're back to the drawing board.. ;(
        Regards, John
        Technical Manager - RR Donnelley


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          Re: Use mac with 2 users at the same time???

          Try VNC. 10.4 will act as a VNC server when Remote is turned on but I think its just the console display. There is a 3rd Party VNC server called OSX VNC that will allow multiple displays for remote connections (

          BTW, you can connect with a VNC client on any OS. So you can run a Mac desktop from Windows (as old as Win95), Linux, Solaris, or even an old Amiga. You can, of course, use another Mac (Classic or X), too.


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            Re: Use mac with 2 users at the same time???

            Thanks for the VNC suggestion. I'll give that a go today. So if I'm back, it means I didn't succeed....


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