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    We have an Xserve that is in the process of being set up and I'd like to use it as a font server feeding 4 designer/prepress folks. We are in in-plant so I don't have the headaches of dealing with customer fonts since we are the customer. The problem is that our IT guys are having a little trouble figuring out the set-up so the 4 of us can share the same set of fonts. Does anyone have a step-by-step procedure for doing this?

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    Re: Font server

    Create a new share/volume on the xserve called Fonts and copy all your fonts to it. What font management applications are you using? If it is Suitcase then just add the fonts temporarily and have the users remove them when they are done.

    If you are using OS X to manage your fonts then you pretty much have to copy them to you computer.


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      Re: Font server

      Once you create the fonts folder on the server you can set it up to be automounted on each users machine as a shared font library, so you don't have to manually copy them. I havent' done it (our font needs are very different) but it can be done. Here are a few links to get you started.

      From Apple's documentation

      (page 4)
      Sharing fonts on the network

      If you have a system using Mac OS X Server v10.3 or later, you can set up fonts to be shared across multiple computers (with the proper licenses).
      • Install the fonts in a folder called Fonts on the system running Mac OS X Server.
      • In Workgroup Manager, click Share Points in the Sharing section and select the folder that contains the fonts.
      • Click Network Mount.
      • For the “Use for” setting, select Shared Library to share your Fonts folder under /Network/Library.

      For more information, refer to the Mac OS X Server File Services Administration Guide.

      You can find that guide at:

      Good Luck


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