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Unable to reinstall MAC OS X on my G5!

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  • Unable to reinstall MAC OS X on my G5!

    Greetings all!

    Well looks like the hard drive on my MAC G5 at work has already give up working. Been trying to reinstall MAC OS X and whenever I put the 2nd installation disk it says to "Please try installing again. Prior to reinstalling I've already tried to repair the disk but kept saying "unable to repair disk" Even with the disk repair it still couldn't repair. Tried to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the whole MAC OS X and when it got to the 2nd disk - it kept saying "Please try intalling again" Any suggestions, please by all means tell me.

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    Re: Unable to reinstall MAC OS X on my G5!

    Are you doing an "Erase and Install"?
    Did you have any problems that led to you needing to re-install the OS?


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      Re: Unable to reinstall MAC OS X on my G5!

      hey ronny,

      here's what you should do...beat the crap out of it with a baseball bat and tell the man you need a new intel mac!

      hope you are doing well over there, pal, tell dan i said hey.

      which OS are you trying to install, and what are you currently running? are you still able to access your hard drive, or did your reformat wipe it clean?



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        Re: Unable to reinstall MAC OS X on my G5!

        try to do a custom install, with just the OS. Remove itunes, imovie and all the extra stuff..I believe that is what is on the second disk. The main OS is done on disk 1.


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          Re: Unable to reinstall MAC OS X on my G5!

          You posted that you tried to repair the disk, how? Did you run fsck -fy in single user mode?
          Did you run it from the install CD? Seems to me the drive needs repair but you may not be doing it correctly.


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            Re: Unable to reinstall MAC OS X on my G5!

            I had the same thing happen to me. I ran a hardware check it told me the hard drive was bad. I bought a new hard drive and the same thing happened. I would get to the second install disc and it wouldn't continue. I did a basic install without the 2nd disc but everytime I had to install a progam that had more than one disc (like CS2) it would run through the whole install and not install anything. I took the hard drive out put it in another G5 and installed everything there. I put it in the ADD (attention deficiet) mac and the programs worked fine until you did more than open and closed them. Very useful!. I tried replacing the memory no luck. Finally the IT department sent the Mac off to a Mac expert who said nothing was wrong with it. Of course he didn't work on it he only open and closed programs needless to say it still did not work properly. Finally I gave up and got a new intel Mac, well at least work did. Thank God it wasn't my personal computer. The only thing I can figure is that something went wrong with the logic board. If you find an answer I would sure like to know.


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              Re: Unable to reinstall MAC OS X on my G5!

              Hey Chris,

              Finally just got back in here in PrintPlanet. Yeah that was a good one with the bat. No, I went and took my G5 to the Apple store at Woodfield Mall and had them to a diagnostic test. I
              was trying to reinstall Tiger. Apparently, the tech guys over there at Apple said it wasn't the hard drive that was the problem. The problem was the type of memory stick used because
              it didn't match the same brand. That didn't make sense. Maybe it didn't match the same type of processing speed is probably what they meant. But the went ahead and reinstalled Tiger
              on my MAC and that did it. Took it back from the Apple store. I had my boss compensate me of course since I put it in my credit card in the beginning. My boss took care of him. He wrote
              me a check for whatever the cost was at the Apple store plus gas (since I had to drive over there too).

              Anyway, thanks for your response anyway. I'll tell Dan you said hi. Hey, we still have to do a get together after work. Have a few beers and enjoy good company. Let me know. We'll round up
              the 'ol crew from Berlin. Later my friend.



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                Re: Unable to reinstall MAC OS X on my G5!

                Random crashing can be either fonts, font caches, or RAM.
                I found that it is best to only use matched RAM, same brand, same everything. It should not matter but it can in some rare cases.


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