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  • Toyo Kaleido Inks

    I am getting ready to test Toyo Kaleido Inks anyone have any experience with this ?
    Suggestions ?

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    Re: Toyo Kaleido Inks

    I haven't tried those particular inks, but I'm curious - is there something specific you're testing for? I've seen too many situations in pressrooms where folks decide that they're going to test something, but they have no clear cut objectives.

    Are you looking to hit certain color aims? Are you looking for rapid drying? Something that's stable when starting and stopping the press? Hard dry, laser-safe, mileage, color strength, transparency, food safety, low-VOC, soy based, wax-free, coatability, stampability, low tack, ability to run on plastics (or other exotic materials), sheen, shine...

    What I'm saying is be very clear about what you hope to achieve. Secondly, I don't think you can discern anything from 1 or 2 jobs. Run the stuff for a month or two - unless it just very clearly doesn't meet your needs. And, be prepared for color differences when compared to your previous ink set.



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      Re: Toyo Kaleido Inks

      We are currently running Toyo HY-Plus 100 works great for our conditions. Kaleido is supposed to have a larger color gamut than normal inks. They are selling it as an option instead of hexacrome, more affordable, brighter etc sales pitch. This would be brought in to complement our current line. The old way of adding 25 % flourescent on uncoated etc. They have seen a lot of work arounds in the pressroom. They are trying to repackage different ideas.


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        Re: Toyo Kaleido Inks

        The below graphic might help.
        The left image is Kaleido (translucent) compared with GRACoL
        The right image is Kaleido compared with Pantone Hexachrome (translucent)


        Kaleido appears to give you close to the blues and purples you get with Hexachrome but does not appear to help much with the reds, oranges and greens compared to either Hexachrome or conventional CMYK.

        You might want to download the profiles yourself and play with them first to give you an idea as to where the differences may be before going on press to test. I've used the vendor's profiles - however, your press condition may be diiferent.

        best, gordo


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          Re: Toyo Kaleido Inks

          Can you aqueous coat this ink yet? As of September 07 this was not the case.

          - Matt Louis


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            Re: Toyo Kaleido Inks

            I was told 60 days for a U.S. version that will be coatable by Michael Keegan.Toyo VP of sales


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     did it go? Does it coat ok? What stocks did you test the ink on? Are you using it now or did you kick it out? and why? Thank you - Matt


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                if you want to do the testing, you should make use of LAB value for finding optimal ink density. On the other hand, you must use standard light source. Otherwise you cannot see the effect of this ink especially Magenta


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                  We tested only on Gloss 100# Book. We do not run hexachrome so it is hard to compare this ink series to normal process ink. You would have to run 4 color images against hexachrome images to compare the two color gamuts. Nothing that could be presented to the sales force.


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