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Bacteria resistant laminate or coating?

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  • Bacteria resistant laminate or coating?

    New to the forum and looking for a little help....

    Does anyone know of a film laminate or possibly an aqueous or UV coating that can be applied to printed products to resist bacteria? For hospitals and cafeterias, etc.

    Any help is appreciated


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    Re: Bacteria resistant laminate or coating?

    What are you trying to protect?
    Polypropylene or Polyester film laminate is impervious and you can wash it off. Water based coatings are porous. Oil based varnishes have vegetable oil components that the bugs might enjoy. A UV screen coating would be thick and impervious. What are you protecting? Does it need to survive an autoclave?
    John Lind
    Cranberry Township, PA


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      Re: Bacteria resistant laminate or coating?

      Hi Ron,

      The company i work for used this under licence for a few years just after it was developed and i did the tests printing it onto various substrates with an aqueous coater. It was called medicoat and was applied in about 3% solution to a neutral emulsion. Just checked in the print room and found 20L of the stuff but i think it has a life of six months or so and would be well out of date. I think some manila paper companies sell the sheets already coated, if you would like more info send me an e-mail and i will do some digging for you.



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        Re: Bacteria resistant laminate or coating?

        Sorry for the vague post.

        This would be for coating menues. I have a customer requesting this and I have never heard of it before. This makes sense to me, who knows how often menus are cleaned.

        I did find a laminate product , BioLam, but not all of the menus are laminated. An aqueous or UV coating product would be needed for those if it is available.



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