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Chemical Watermark - Any experience?

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  • Chemical Watermark - Any experience?

    I need to create an official transcript paper for the company. I want to include a watermark but do not have the need for the quantity of stock it would take for a true watermark. I have heard of chemical watermarks. Can anyone provide insight on the process and the results?

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    Re: Chemical Watermark - Any experience?

    We recently did a job with a Chemical Watermark, turned out really nice. I think the minimum run was 5,000 sheets.

    We worked on this through our Unisource paper rep (don't recall if he did the job, or just made the connection)

    the Label on the box was CustomMark...if you want more info I will see if I can dig up the information on it.


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      Re: Chemical Watermark - Any experience?

      Someone suggested opaque white ink to me years ago, the customer was very happy.


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        Chemical watermark

        If someone have information about please contact,
        can do with offset printer? screen printer?
        what is the process and what we need?


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          Cory, u lost me here, couldn't understand u, what's chemical watermark is exactly?


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            My company makes a flexo ink that produces a "chemical" watermark. We have been producting this for several years with very good results.

            You can contact me directly for more information at


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              If you are going to be doing this consistently and in large numbers you may want to look into the Aegis system from thermotype. It uses an adaptor that fits onto an AB Dick 360 chute. It's rather expensive, around $15k, but if you do a lot it might be better to keep it in house. THERM-O-TYPE Green Machine Thermography Models

              John, what sort of image can your watermark ink produce?


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