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Spot Gloss UV Coat on the aqueous tower?

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  • Spot Gloss UV Coat on the aqueous tower?

    Hi All,

    How close of register can I expect with a Cyrell plate on the coating tower of an 8/C 40" Heid for spot gloss UV (not aqueous) coating? I had a printer pull off recently because they couldn't register it. Is it a common practice to spot UV Coat this way? I thought you had to do it offline?

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    Re: Spot Gloss UV Coat on the aqueous tower?

    The register should be perfect. It should not matter if the UV is applied in line of off line. As long as the cylinder parameters are taken into account when the plate is made. A plate is needed for spot coatings, both AQ and UV, and are made the same way.
    There may be a slight "halo" around the image and the image may not be perfectly crisp on the edges if too much pressure is applied between the Anilox roller and the plate or too much plate to blanket pressure. Or, the viscosity of the coating needs to be adjusted.
    It will appear the coating image is slightly larger than the area you are trying to register. This may also be caused by the trap setting in pre press. If the trap is too large and the plate is made they may not want to make a new plate as they are expensive.

    As for running the UV on the Aqueous tower, it is possible but a different dryer system and Anilox roller is used.


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      Re: Spot Gloss UV Coat on the aqueous tower?

      Thak you Todd for your reply. So, the printer told me they were spot UV coating with a Cyrell (sp?) plate on their aqueous tower. Are you saying it should have been an anilox roller? I thought you could only cut those out for non-critical register? My register was very tight. Have you used this method before - spot uv coating in the aqueuos tower? Thank you in advance.


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        Re: Spot Gloss UV Coat on the aqueous tower?

        The anilox roller applies the coating to the blanket or plate and won't change the registration unless it is set improperly. The image will be fat around the edges if it is set too tight to the plate.
        This works the same for UV or Aqueous coating. The register should be perfect.
        You can also create a spot coating by cutting the blanket and stripping away the non image area. This works the same for both types of coating as does the plate.


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