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Gas ghosting on C1S vs C2S

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  • Gas ghosting on C1S vs C2S

    We are a poster printer and have recently changed paper. We previously ran a dull ctd cover (C2S). We now run a dull ctd C1S. We have noticed that after the run the image looks "hazy or foggy" just not as sharp. Flat. The top sheet on the pile looks a lot nicer than sheets in the pile. The top sheet looks as good as the old paper did.

    We have 2 S/F presses. The one still runs the old C2S (this is a much larger press) and the other press runs the new C1S stock. When the larger press runs the old sheet things look as good as they always have.

    The reason we changed to C1S is for the paper cost reduction. All posters are printed on one side.

    Could this be a result of gas ghosting on the C1S? The gasses not being allowed out with this stock?

    Has anyone else ever experienced this before?

    Any comments are welcomed.

    This was previously posted in Press forum on this site so forgive me if you have read this there too.
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