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    What Ink saving software are people using, if any and how do you like it? We are thinking of integrating it into our work flow and wondering about the pro's and con's of using this software?

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    Kodak Ink Optimizer (Colorflow Pro).
    No cons if used wisely


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      Hello Specmon,

      Any print production savings that can be achieved is good, BUT in this day of "Short Print Runs" using - Ink Saving Software would be at the

      bottom of my list!

      Saving a single sheet of B1 size 100gsm coated paper, saves a lot more than the Ink Cost Printed on the sheet!

      Make- ready and the correct Pressroom SOPs would be the first fundamental to implement.

      Regards, Alois
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        Idealliance and IPA did and “Ink Optimization Roundup” in 2010 testing different vendor’s systems on the same image file. You can buy it on their websites ( ). The description of the report which begins "The world's leading digital press manufacturers" is totally wrong. Sigh :-(
        Ink reduction is not so important in commercial sheetfed work because the cost of ink is small relative to the other manufacturing costs of printing a job. There are other ways to reduce production costs as Alois pointed out.
        However, ink costs with web - coldest and heat - is significant. So that’s where the ROI is with ink reduction. The majority of newspaper printers are using it - not sure about publishers.
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          Try a can of Economist.


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            I currently use Alwan's ColorHub.

            Best regards,


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              Ink saving software is, if I remember well, based on GCR. Keeping the color stable during the printrun is easier after aplying GCR. It is frustrating for printers, in case of non-GCRed artwork, not achieving colorstability with e.g. greyish backgrounds (or other colors with a high grey component), in spite of the fact that the pressmen were doing their utmost. The real cost saving is to be found in preventing print runs to be rejected. Other pro's can are a.o.: 1) better curing because of lower ink loads, 2) happy printers, 3) happy customers.
              Regards, Casey.


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                To be clear AFAIK all of the industry standard ICC profiles are GCR profiles. The difference with ink savings solutions is that their GCR is much more aggressive.
                Note that it’s not all butterflies and rainbows with heavy GCR. It can happen that subject moiré caused by the black printer will appear that doesn’t when a more modest GCR separation is used. Also, because the black forms a greater proportion of the image, the quality of the black ink that’s being used becomes critical. This is especially true in coldest - newspaper - printing where the black ink is usually of very poor quality.


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