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Mailing a Clear Package, What is possible

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  • Mailing a Clear Package, What is possible

    This is a hypothetical question (in other words, I have a customer who is asking for it....)
    I have a mailing of several thousand promotional items with printed inserts. I suggested a folding carton package with graphics and marketing on the outside. The customer wants the package to be clear or translucent.

    Is it possible to make a plastic box, such as the size of a box of personal checks, maybe a little bigger, print graphics on it, and mail it in the US and a few international addresses?
    Will the USPS allow this? Is this thermoforming? Can you print on board and blister pack a clear product for going through the mail?

    I didn't know where else to post this, except bindery and finishing....

    Interested in what cyberspace might have to say about this issue.

    Yours truly
    John Lind

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    Re: Mailing a Clear Package, What is possible

    I remember getting something like this in the mail, but the best place to call is your local bulk mail acceptance clerk at the post office. but make sure its at big office.


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      Re: Mailing a Clear Package, What is possible

      From what I've seen, +anything+ is mailable, given that it follows USPS specs & the client is willing to pay for the exorbitant postage. Odds are, once they see the cost of that fabulous dimensional piece, your original suggestion will suddenly be much more wonderful.


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        Re: Mailing a Clear Package, What is possible

        Plastic boxes can be used. The Domestic Mail Manual regulation (601.3.32 - boxes - item d) reads "Wood, metal, or plastic boxes may be used for all types of loads, assuming adequate construction."

        Check with the BMC (Bulk Mail Center) for your area.

        Here's the web site that lists all of the BMC's:

        It's possible that the local Business Mail Clerk might say yes, but the BMC will reject the piece for an unexpected reason like...

        First Class mail is sealed against postal inspection. It is a federal law and a USPS regulation that only the addressee can open and review the contents.

        Perhaps clear plastic would enable a postal or other mail handler to see the contents and that might violate the intent of the law. I suppose it depends on the phase of the moon, some days


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