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  • Labels not aligned

    I am printing shipping labels however the label is not aligned correctly - view image. How do I align the image?


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    What software are you printing them from? The general answer may be a software setting that defines the margin on top of the page so that the image starts after that margin.


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      I have only just purchased a printer a week ago so all this is new to me. I am using the Windows 10 interface to print - view image. How would I adjust the margin on the top of the page?



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        What software generated the label for you to print? The margin settings in the print dialogue seem to be fixed by the printer and it'd be better if we can get the software you used to generate this label PDF file with the extra margin in the file as it's generating it.


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          It looks like the position in your PDF is not correct so ideally you would fix this upstream. The position in the PDF actually looks slightly higher (more wrong) than your printed sheet. So unless the label sheets are asymmetrical and you loaded the paper 180 degrees off, whatever made that PDF isn't preparing it for the label sheets you are using. You could try to change that, or you could fiddle with various print settings. Looks like the labels are 4 up so you might get away with scaling it down further when printing.


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            I am using a Canon Pixma TS5000 series printer so it would be the software for that.


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              Whatever created the PDF is the actual problem - it's not preparing it for the labels you're using. Your printer is probably printing the PDF correctly. Try to zoom the PDF until it's actual size on your screen, then overlay your label sheet on your screen. That might help you realize what the problem is.


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                Uncheck auto reduce/shrink oversized pages. Your print drivers says its printing at 97%. I think it is working from upper left corner.
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