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Research Breaks New Ground for a Commercial Battery from Paper

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  • Research Breaks New Ground for a Commercial Battery from Paper

    Billerud-Korsnäs—a leading company in sustainable packaging technology—and researchers at Uppsala University are making paper batteries a reality, paving the way for energy storage in packaging materials. Together, they have taken pure cellulose from algae and developed it to work with fiber that Billerud-Korsnäs uses in manufacturing packaging material.

    This development opens up inexpensive & eco-friendly paper batteries for smart / sustainable packaging. Small paper batteries with sensors can trace packaging through the entire transport chain, including packaging that measures temperature or location as well as information on what is happening during transport, safeguarding quality, security & reliability. With electrodes based on wood fiber-cellulose, it will be possible to recycle batteries along with their boxes and re-make them into new boxes or paper batteries, according to the research team. This Billerud-Korsnäs / Uppsala University collaboration is a model for adapting technology to existing large-scale production processes.

    BillerudKorsnäs and researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden have together taken an important step towards the future’s paper batteries. Together they
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