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Package printing with Solids and UV Coating having cracking issues

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  • Package printing with Solids and UV Coating having cracking issues

    Anyone know of the best way to prevent cracking on the scores of a carton, when printing darker solids and UV coating? No cracking on the correct fold, just when it's back folding. Occasionally, we get a bit of chipping on the cut/trim edge as well. This happens on SBS & polyboard. We cure it well enough to set on the inks and coating to make sure that we don't over cure and cause it to be brittle. We do tape test for adhesion as well. KBA 41" board press. AMS UV lamp system. Thoughts?

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    In my opinion, there are two types of cracking:
    - Ink and coating layer coating, that means you can see the ink and coating layer cracked but the underneath paper layer remains un-damaged --> consult with your ink and coating supplier for suitable consumable.
    - Paper layer: you can see the paper layer is also cracked --> check the related huminity in the pressroom, paper before and after printing and processing.



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      The notes from DeltaE are worth evaluating. I would score and fold the sheet at 90 degrees, if the same cracking occurs, then your dealing with a brittle combination of ink & coating. If not you are seeing an issue of the fibers in machine direction vs cross direction. Ink & coating film thickness can play a part in this as well. Your attempts to minimize overcure are more challenging then you think. I would speak with your vendor to determine if there is a more forgiving coating that still provides the protection and appearance you require. UV coatings are my business, so if I can help in any way, please don't hesitate to reach out. Good luck.


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          UV Coating is a tough coat applied over printed materials to protect against scratches. it Enhances the brilliance of ink colors.


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