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Avoid Employee Trouble with a Background Check

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  • Avoid Employee Trouble with a Background Check

    The background check business is enormous and with good reason. In spite of the need for these types of services, the difficulty with these services is that they are not all created equally, so you must understand and research what you are buying. There are some excellent background check companies to be found and the necessity for such services seems to be huge.

    Companies of all types do background checks. The government does extensive checking before hiring. If you want to work at the white house, you will have to go through a Federal background check. School boards do a criminal background check before hiring school teachers and churches are now starting to hire background check companies before employing their ministers and staff. Nurses are required to have background checks in order to lessen a companies liabilities. Armed with this type of knowledge, a company or organization can save thousands of dollars and possible future embarrassment.

    Background checks are even being done now on some dating sites. Better safe than sorry is the current consensus. Online dating sites are becoming dinner, drinks, a movie and a background check.

    About three-quarters of the employers say they regularly search online as part of background checks, including blog content Many employers admit they have turned down a prospective employee due to what they saw on face book and MySpace.

    What will a background check company look for?
    A good background check company will interview all of the people listed as references. Some people do lie on their resumes. It is very difficult to get people listed as references to tell the whole story about someone. They think it seems 'un-loving or un-supportive' to do so. People rarely put someone down as a reference that will say something bad about them. However, churches are now establishing protocols to get people to raise any red flags that might be there.

    The companies look not only for sexual abuse violations but also for other convictions felonies, driving violations or financial problems. Job applicants and church volunteers who have a disturbing past will often work hard to hide that background with relocations, aliases or just plain lies.

    Contracting for the lowest level of background check is risky for any company. Courts that hear suits filed by victims expect that companies will exercise due diligence in researching an employee's background. It is nearly impossible to explain to a jury that saving $20 by using a limited screening service makes you exempt from a multi million-dollar judgment. It is imperative that you work with an agency that conducts court record checks in all locations where the applicant has lived.

    People who have received deferred sentences or who engaged in plea bargains to receive lesser charges may elude background searches. Moreover, a person may have used an alias or a professional or married name in addition to his or her given name. A background check starts with Social Security records and then goes to several different databases and actually goes to courthouses at times.

    No company can guarantee a 100 percent accurate background check, because so many municipalities and states simply don't supply the data completely

    New concerns for increasing background checks.
    Airport workers face background checks and random searches by roving patrols of screeners. Those searches have increased in the last year amid growing concern about insider threats.

    Stockbrokers are required to have background checks. Do a background check. Find out if the potential adviser has ever been sued by a client or disciplined by state authorities, securities regulatory authorities or professional organizations

    There is concern that not enough background checks are being done on employees who arrive from overseas. Employment or education may not always be a foreigner’s primary objective. In addition, identity theft is one of the top concerns of today.

    The Virginia Tech shooting has brought to light serious inadequacies in America’s background-check system for gun purchases and has prompted renewed calls to fix it. Federal law-enforcement officials and gun-violence experts say such communication breakdowns, as well as a significant lack of federal resources to keep NICS current, have resulted in a background-check system that is incomplete, inaccurate, and out of date.
    A bill to reform the system has stalled in Congress in the past few years. But its sponsors hope that this year, with the change in leadership and the tragedy in Virginia, the bill will have a better likelihood of passing.

    Background checks allow employers to check on employees' financial, criminal, and civil history. They can be as "minor" as a credit report, or so extensive as to include interviews with neighbors and friends. A typical report might consist of a criminal or civil records check, employment verification, reference checks, and educational verification. Much of this information is public and is available for a fee to any employer.

    How far can your privacy be invaded with a privacy check?
    However, there are also consumer protections that allow individuals to know what information is being sought and provided. Under the federal Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA), employers must obtain an applicant's written permission before obtaining a report from a consumer reporting agency bearing on an individual's "character, general reputation, personal characteristics or mode of living" to use in evaluating employment eligibility. Employers who take adverse action because of something in the report must provide notice and a copy of the report used before taking the action. Individuals must also be given the opportunity to see, contest, and correct erroneous reports. These protections allow people to make sure that the information given out about them is accurate. Many state laws also give additional protections that go beyond federal law. For example, many states restrict the provision and use of information of questionable relevance, such as arrest records or misdemeanor convictions. Faculty can check with their state's attorney general or local consumer protection agency for state information.

    Most people fill out a job application honestly and with integrity. Very few lie on their resume. However, there is always the exception. Its better to spend a few dollars with a background check service and find out if dazzling Donna is all that she says she is, or is listed down at the Post Office as America’s Most Wanted. The past is not always the past, as we know it and employees have a right to know.

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