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  • Coil Binding

    Please be gentle as this is my first time....

    I'm interested in getting some,
    equipment to be able to perform in house coil binding.

    I am interested in the following 3 brands:
    I am looking for a powered punch model and I see some with inserting rollers on the unit.
    My time line is also a little quick and need to make a decision by Sunday night.
    Can anyone offer some pro's or con's on what to do here?

    Many Thanks

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    Re: Coil Binding


    I saw your posting and would be glad to assist you. I work for GBC...we make a selection of choices that would likely fit your need.

    If you send me an email I will be sure to provide you soem choices.

    Best regards,

    John O'Malley


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      Re: Coil Binding

      We have 2 of the RHIN-O-TUFF 7000 if I recall, advertised as up to 35 pages (I expect thats of 3 hole punch as we probably punch 1/2 that & only 2 plastic covers at a time) Dies are interchangeable with 2 camlocks at ends.

      It has been reliable, I am glad not to have a smaller unit.

      We use the 4 to 1 coil. The 4 to 1 punches I think are available in 2 sizes of round die. I suggest the larger size which is the same as the much more expensive oval. You probably can't punch as many sheets but you can insert the coils faster..

      For inserters we have one from Rhinotuff and a cheaper one from Southwest binding. The Southwest binding one works fine for small sizes up to perhaps 3/4" but is useless on larger sizes. The Rhinotuff should do better on all sizes as it is adjustable, then again we don't get a lot of larger sizes. If we did a 3 to 1 die would be in order. These are both the roughly 9" long roller units.

      For any amount of binding its nice to be able to separate the 2 units so 2 people can be working at same time when needed.

      We also picked up the comb binding punch on a Ebay sale. Not used often but nice to have. We use a old manual comb binder we had to open the coils in that case.

      Ken Graham


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        Re: Coil Binding

        Hi. Our company - Gateway Bookbinding Systems - manufactures the PLASTIKOIL plastic spiral binding product and equipment.
        We offer a number of machines that would suit your application. We have table-top punches - Roller Inserters - and Dual crimping units.
        We also produce the coil so perhaps we can assist you in that regard as well.
        Take a look at our website -

        Feel free to call me if you would like to discuss things further.
        Toll Free -1-800-665-7884

        We would love to help you out!
        Anna C. Massey
        Sales & Marketing Mgr.
        Gateway Bookbinding Systems Ltd.


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