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    Hey guy's, I have a customer who want me to mount prints on a 60 point cardboard, theirs like 10 000 pieces.
    At a local finishing company you have to wait your turn and sometime the wait is up to a month O.o
    So this is were why I turn to you for help, I did some research and didn't find any equipment capable of doing this.
    I did talk with some guy's about a laminator, but mounting with that kind of equipment is expensive and tedious and real slow.

    Thanks for the help !

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    Try and partner up with someone with a flatbed printer, this way you can print
    straight on instead of mounting!


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      Tedious and slow - yes. But not expensive. I've been using the previous model (Quickmount III) for the past 3 years. I love it.

      Cold Laminators from Daige Products

      You can do maybe 50 on this machine to tie your customer over while you have someone else do the other 9,950 as Klew suggested.


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        I would definitely farm this out to someone who has a flatbed printer and can print directly onto your substrate. It will save soooooo much time or better yet depending how much you plan to get for this job get a flatbed printer yourself.


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