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Perfect binders- what's the best?

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  • Perfect binders- what's the best?

    We are looking to possibly purchase a perfect binder and looking at one the uses the PUR glue. Can anyone give me an idea which one is the best? We are going from using an old Rosback 880 to a much better upgrade hopefully. Thanks for your help :-)

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    PUR lasts well but is highly poisonous, we would love to show you a modern way of perfect binding.
    Please check out the informations wich are provided here:

    I can also send you some pattern.
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      Do you have distributors in the United States?


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        palamides USA Inc. 100 Norb Ave. st3
        62424 Dieterich USA-IL
        Tel.: +1 217 925 5900

        Please contact Mr. Bob Conboy:

        or directly on his mobile phone: (470) 398-6307 (Mobil)
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          We purchased a Horizon BQ-270V over a year ago and are very happy with it. There is a PUR version but PUR is a different beast than regular glue. CP Bourg also makes a great Binder.


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            We sell both PUR and EVA binders. Do consider that EVA binders will work just fine with 95% of the stock out there. Please look at the various models we sell here:


            David Spiel


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              Originally posted by halmac View Post
              We purchased a Horizon BQ-270V over a year ago and are very happy with it. There is a PUR version but PUR is a different beast than regular glue. CP Bourg also makes a great Binder.
              halmac, what type of work are you putting through on your Horizon?


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                We run a wide variety of thicknesses and a few different sized books. After moving from a manual Sulby Mark III to this is a dream. It is especially good for very thick books. There are so many adjustable settings for each area. The clamp, the nipping unit, and the gluing unit are all very adjustable. The dwell time can be adjusted, the speed of the book passing over the glue, flush gluing, side gluing etc. Having said that, the CP Bourg is a better machine but costs more.


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                  Hi jimas67, I'm with Standard Finishing Systems and see that you're in Texas. The Standard Territory Sales Manager for TX lives there and is a post-press professional with many years of experience (both CP Bourg and now Standard Finishing). Suggest you reach out to Frits Knepper at 978-409-0306 (cell) or email him at You can also get an overview of the Horizon perfect binding portfolio at Standard has several hundred happy Horizon binder customers throughout North America. Hope this helps.


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                    Thank you markhunt, I have actually spoken to Frits and he has come and seen me here at my employer. He is one of the first guys that I spoke with about a perfect binder. thanks for the info :-)


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                      Would you happen to have a spare manual? or maybe know where I might find one?


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                        We have 2 Horizon BQ270. Good, but a lot of electronics. Check price of spares also


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                          We just have bought a TECNOGRAF ANT 250 PUR perfect binding machine, but is not working. We have no documentation about this equipment, there is no distributor for this equipment in our contry. We have tryed to contact the TECNOGRAF company but they didn't answer.
                          We are looking to buy any operation and service documentation about this equipment. Any help will be usefull for us. Thank you.


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                            We have a BQ-270 and it has lasted 13 years with minimal servicing. We do about 130k PB books a year. I know the 270V can use PUR. What is your need for PUR instead of an EVA adhesive?


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