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  • Corner rounders

    We've been getting more and more requests for rounded corners. Is it possible to get a corner rounder that can rival die cut? Our customers are picky and expect professionally rounded cards, not a hack job from a $300 table top unit.. Our results are mediocre at best. Cards are not consistent and many have notched corners instead of even, round corners.

    My supplier is recommending the Akiles Diamond 5/7 and I've also heard good things about Kustom Corners.

    This would be for low-to-medium volume digital finishing -- business cards, post cards, flyers, menus, etc..



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    we used a challenge for years got good results if you didnt rush. but nothing compares to diecutting.


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      I've heard about this one but never saw one in person . . . but it looked pretty good to me
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        We have a Custom Corner machine and we're very picky - it is well built and a great value.


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          The Graphic Whizard PT CR607 Round Corner Cutter round corners up to 600 sheets of paper (2.36”/60mm). The built in rotary carousel includes seven round cornering knives.

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            Nothing does a job as well as a Heidelberg platen (I think they are called "windmills" in the states) I realise they take up quite a bit of room but are so versatile and you can pick up one very cheap these days. I have the big one (18 x 13) but the more common small one (10 x 15) does an excellent job.

            I personally have never had much success with the non di cut option. But maybe a good machine exists out there somewhere?. Just my two cents worth.


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              We have a Kustom Corners machine and it is great. It is very easy to use and cut a variety of paper sizes (business cards to full sheets).
              We had a rush job come in on a Saturday that was due by EOD Sunday and it involved round cornering 24,000 cards (96,000 corners) and the Kustom Corners knocked it out of the park. No issues at all.

              We would highly recommend the machine to anyone looking at a non-electrical way to round corners. Best money we've spent in our bindery department in a long time.


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