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Polar Mohr EMC 115 New Display

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  • Polar Mohr EMC 115 New Display

    We've got a Polar Mohr EMC 115 cutter we use and the original display has long been dead. Someone rigged up a computer monitor to it using a box that converts the BNC output signal to VGA which kind of works, except the display on the monitor flickers constantly and doesn't really display the image centered on the screen. I'm thinking we're close to solving the problem but may have some kind of timing/frequency/refresh rate tweaking left to do. I've Googled for any kind of service or operating manuals so I could look for any kind of information about how the display image is output but pretty much every link I find links to malware.

    Does anyone:

    -Have any manuals I could have to look through?


    -Have any experience with a DIY display for this cutter?

    I know I can buy another display from China for $500 but this seems so do-able.


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    Dear Sir:
    Hi Hope you are well.
    I am ex tripple Engineer B.S.E.E.P.E Retired by my age, Only giving support Online Sometimes.
    with over 46 years of experienced troubleshooting in Graphic Arts Equipment, and many others.
    Was trained in Germany and other countries around the world, by Heidelberg, Polar, etc.
    Was looking his problem with the converter BNC to VGA.
    This is caused by the monitor losing sync with the video output from the DisplayLink video output.
    This can be caused by long, or poor quality video cables.
    Poor quality cables can cause:
    • Signal degradation
    • Video flicker
    • Video distortion
    please check if swapping your video cable for another resolves the issue.
    Let me know any question.
    Normally Polar does NOT permit this change to due the Economical loose Profit.
    If you need assistance, or some tech documentation, please write by emal attached or WhatsApp.


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      We've tried 2-3 different monitors, 2-3 different VGA cables, and 3 different converter boxes. I don't think we've changed out the BNC cable coming from the cutter (if that's even possible?). The monitor we're plugged into is 60Hz - do we need a higher or lower refresh rate perhaps?


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        No, is NOT compatible, most of theTime, with design of boards of Polar. in other Words.
        Will NOT results, to due the Electronic components inside of the Board of Polar, sorry.
        Let me know



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